FAQ - photosbylorelei

What should I wear?

I love the look of clean lines, a pop of color, and you at your most comfortable. Great staples are a black, white, grey, and/or royal blue tee shirt, plus something from your closet that has some saturated color to it. Bring 4-5 different outfits and together we'll pick out what will be best for the shoot. Most of the time, I steer people away from patterns or graphics because they tend to look dated quickly. Don’t forget to bring touchup lipstick or gloss, hairbrush, hairspray, and any makeup you might need.

How long should I leave for my session?

Typically a photo shoot will take about one hour, but every shoot is different. Because we won’t be reviewing the results immediately following the shoot, we save time when we’re on location. Then you can review the gallery at your leisure afterwards.

Where is your studio?

I prefer to meet in a mutually agreed-upon location that’s easy for both of us to get to. Because I use almost entirely natural light, finding a spot with great light and shadow is critical and fun. Some of the best lighting and most glorious backgrounds are found in the strangest places. Go take another look at my headshot gallery and tell me if you can find which shot/s were done at the College of Marin near the dumpsters…

When will my gallery be ready?

I can’t WAIT to see the results of your shoot! If you’re excited to see them, I can honestly say that I’m even more excited to show them to you. Please allow a week for the editing, selection, retouching, and gallery creation to be finished.

What do I get from the shoot?

Whatever images you choose from the shoot will be retouched and enhanced, usually about 1-2 hours per image to make them look amazing. Those images will be placed into an online gallery from which you can download the images or print them in a multitude of sizes and finishes. The copyright on those finished images is released to you so you can print, or post whatever and wherever you like.

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