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Mom of 3+2. Consumer of watermelon jelly beans. Apostrophe obsessed. Always seems to get rammed in the achilles tendon with shopping carts. Loves the smell of gingerbread houses. Perpetually craves a shoulder massage. Has been to Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Mexico, the UK, and Alabama (guess which was the biggest culture shock?). Has eaten haggis, monkey brains, kudu, snake, and impala.  Wears rainboots on sunny days. Dancer.  

I started doing travel photography during my trips around the world with my father and brother, but noticed that I only really loved the photos with people in them.  And of those, the close-up shots were my favorites.  Now, a million years later, taking headshot and portrait photography of actors, dancers, and real people is a pleasure and passion of mine.  I simply adore capturing those images; radiant smiles, reflective moments, that glint in your eye, and the deep sighs of life.

Thank you for allowing me to capture a moment in your personal history through my lens.

 - L.


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